From Stephen Sprouse, to Takashi Murakami, to

takashi murakami

Trouble in the house of Louis Vuitton? It seems it may be so. Like a hot,sensual relationship where Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags everything seems right at first where lust can be found in every look, the marriage between Arnault empire and his sky rocketing high quality designer replica handbags designer may be coming to a dnouement. Heresy you say? Well, let take a quick stroll through some facts, shall we aaa replica designer handbags , before one ties me to a stake and roasts me more than Whitney Houston in a candid interview.

First of all, there are some very, undeniable facts:

Marc Jacobs is a genius that has brought wealth and notoriety for over 10+ years to a then burgeoning Louis Vuitton. His Bleeker Street to rue St. Faubourg Honor touch launched a once limited, staunchy malleterie business into the eyes of fashion critics as a high end Prt Porter power fashion house which has never looked back since.

From handbags, to clothing, to marroquineries (leather goods for my not so French savvy readers), Louis Vuitton has cornered every piece of the market, leaving nearly no Feng shui ed stone unturned.

Collaborations, collaborations, collaborations. Marc Jacobs + Louis Vuitton + Artist X = success. As if his own creative genius were not enough to compliment the fashion houses exceptionally long tradition in fine luxury goods, MJ has sought from time to time the artiste from without. The result has always equated into instant success and the near symphonic ringing of cash registers across all of LV many global reaching boutiques. From Stephen Sprouse, to Takashi Murakami, to Richard Prince, Marc Jacobs has chosen his partners in crime and has walked away with the bank vault.

So after all the exhuberance from such wonderful success, why in God green earth would one ever conceive the title of this article? Well, as any fashion snob in Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica the industry will tell you, one leaves the cocktail party on a high note. And the height of fashion for Louis Vuitton is upon us.

But of course, that statement alone is not enough to say that this is the end for MJ. No, on the contrary, there much more that points to the final chapter of the Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs success story.

Even Marc Jacobs knows deep inside of himself that his own creative 1:1 replica handbags talents are being stifled by the constant requirements to meet deadlines that Bernard Arnault and the other folks above him expect him to accomplish. This just isn the best environment for creative liberty, rather, it a good place to at least refine one artistic talent.

MJ is old and tired for Vuitton contstantly growing image. This past year F/W 2008 Collection looked much like something a Parson School freshman fashion cheap replica handbags designer could put together. (Now that I think about it, MJ could fill in a spot in Lifetime upcoming Runway: Season 6 Celebrity Designer Edition Jacobs is starting a new life with a new man. After all the dramaz from his fat years, to losing all that weight, and then falling prey to the go go boy which we will no longer name except to say his name kinda sounds like and last name sounds like MJ needs a break to make a life with his new Brazilian boy toy lover Lorenzo. (Even a Queen like MJ needs a fairy tale moment to himself)

MJ has already begun to show signs of friction chez Louis Vuitton (and for that matter, Bernard Arnault and his Batman cum Robin sidekick Yves Carcelle), after fashion reporters questioned him on Louis Vuitton Tokyo pop up shop collaborative project with Comme Des Garons Rei Kawakubo :

“I’ve kind of warned everybody up there that I think they’ve gotten a little too into cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk this idea which, I mean, is great,” Jacobs said. “I’m glad that everybody gets behind it, but what they don’t realize is that I do it at a pace that maintains the brand’s integrity and seems really right, and I think that sometimes everybody loves a good idea so much that they kind of go too far and it kind of kills it.” NYMAG

Rei Kawakubo Comme Des Garons for Louis VuittonBeyond the fact that MJ doesn appreciate Neuilly resident, HEC educated Louis Vuitton marketers telling him what should more importantly, he didn like the fact that it was done without any of his creative fingerprints on the drawing board. To MJ, if he not involved at every step in building Louis Vuitton image as a respectable maison de mode then he simply wasting his time and talent. And that, my readers, is more valuable to MJ than all the perks Arnault could ever throw at him.

Oh, and look for Brazilian Amazonian and Carmen Miranda inspired prints this upcoming Paris Fashion Week as a sign of MJ soon to be announced departure.

As far as I can tell, this is very first image of the upcoming and hotly anticipated Louis Vuitton handbag. The bag appears to be crafted in high quality replica handbags china a very sporty form with what appears to be fake designer bags relaxed handles, golden brass hardware press buttons on the exterior side pockets, and a fabric constructed shape sans a rigid structure. What I don know is : are those red tags on the bag? Maybe it a placeholder for where the Vuitton logo will go? Who knows.

I am definitely looking forward to this bag when it comes out in June. Just in case any of my readers are anxious for one, the supposed launch dates are for sometime in early June exclusively at the Brooklyn Museum (June 5ish). Following a 2 week exclusivity at the BKLYN Museum, the Monogramouflage line should be available in select LV Boutiques worldwide. Some attendees say Jamie Snow, wife of Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, was rather boorish in her accumulation of freebies at the event.

Each diner at the gala was entitled to one special edition technicolor fiberglass placemat designed by the trendy artist, but it seems Snow’s sense of entitlement was big enough to accommodate eight of the souvenirs, which she snatched from abandoned place settings and had autographed by Murakami after dinner. The mats have been sold for up to $1,000 on eBay by revelers who took them from previous events.

When some attendees at Thursday’s gala realized they missed out on the placemats, they went crying to Snow for one of her eight. According to Radar, she had little sympathy: “You guys really should have acted faster. This is Brooklyn!” Other placemat pleas reportedly elicited responses such as, “You snooze, you lose, buddy. Forget it.” And when her husband, the borough president, was asked to intervene, he responded with a shrug: “Just try being married to her.”

The Daily News confirmed the contretemps with Snow, who admitted it was “a little true.” So Marty Markowitz has vowed to sell the placemats to raise funds for Camp Brooklyn, a program that sends low income kids to camp. “She didn’t steal, she didn’t thieve, she didn’t take from anyone else ,” Markowitz told the News.

It’s here on eBay! click click > murakami plates MURAKAMI, a retrospective of the work of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, opens Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum. high quality designer replica handbags wholesale Organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles, where it was on view until February, the exhibit primarily focuses Murakami work between 1991 and 2000, when the artist began exploring own reality through an investigation of branding and identity. (One additional work, Murakami 6,613 pound, 18 foot tall Oval Buddha sculpture, will be on view at the Sculpture Garden at 590 Madison Avenue at 56th Street.)

Within the Brooklyn Museum exhibit is a fully operational Louis Vuitton store, where consumers can choose from a selection of Monogram Multicolor bags, including the a new pattern created by Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton that for now is only available at the Brooklyn Museum. (It hits stores in June.)

Speaking about the inclusion of the Louis Vuitton shop within the exhibition, Murakami states, shop project is not a part of the exhibition; rather it is the heart of the exhibition itself. It holds at once the aspects that fuse replica louis vuitton , reunite, and then recombine the concept of the readymade. The Louis cheap replica handbags Vuitton project brings to life a wonderful new world.

The store will offer a selection of Vuitton Monogram Multicolor bags and small leather goods as well as Canvasses of the Monogramouflage design created jointly by replica louis vuitton bags Murakami and Louis Vuitton artistic director Marc Jacobs, with whom the artist has collaborated since 2003. The pattern heralds a new product line that will be launched at the Brooklyn Museum Louis Vuitton store on June 1 and then sold in selected Louis Vuitton stores worldwide.

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